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      "There's another river like it in the Pacific Ocean," Frank explained; "it is called the Japan Current, because it flows close to the coast of Japan. It goes through Behring Strait into the Arctic Ocean, and then it comes south by the coast of Greenland, and down by Newfoundland. That's what brings the icebergs south in the Atlantic, and puts them in the way of the steamers between New York and Liverpool.

      Just Norah, he said.Again by some common impulse they moved off the path, still with hands clasped. They walked through the fallen sky of bluebells, not seeing it, and came to where a fallen trunk, lopped of its branches, lay on the ground.

      VIEW AT CAPE HORN, CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILWAY. VIEW AT CAPE HORN, CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILWAY.I never knew you before to-night, father, she said.

      [Pg 73]Keeling closed the front-door into the street.


      He left his office late that night after a long days uninterrupted work, and, still busy with some problem, took without thinking the path through the Cathedral graveyard, which farther on led past the house where Norah had lived. But{330} before he got there, he remembered, and turned off so as to avoid it. And then he paused, and retraced his steps again. Was it weak to avoid it, or was it weak to let himself walk by it? Perhaps the stronger course was just to get used to it. Sometime, perhaps, he would be able to go by it without noticing....Lord Inverbroom looked completely puzzled.


      I know you have. I cared about that too.